The Migration Museum at The Workshop – telling stories of movement to and from Britain in fresh and engaging ways at our dynamic new London venue.

We stage an adventurous programme of exhibitions, events and education workshops at our new museum, housed in The Workshop, an arts and community space just off Albert Embankment.

The Migration Museum at The Workshop is open Wednesday–Sunday (plus bank holidays), from 11am–5pm.

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John Bowers QC

John Bowers QC is Principal of Brasenose College Oxford and practices part time from Littleton Chambers. He is a leading human rights and employment lawyer who also sits as a deputy High Court judge. Read more

Meet our distinguished friends
  • Annual Lecture – Your Money or Your Life by Gary Younge

    June 28, 2017

    Journalist and author Gary Younge looks at how immigration is understood in the neo-liberal age and what the consequences are in terms of migration, social anxiety and democracy. Read more

  • Am I My Brother’s Keeper?

    June 22, 2017

    UNHCR presents Am I My Brother’s Keeper?, an installation by London-based artist Kate Daudy. Her work, which is based on an ancient Chinese literary practice of writing on objects, is concerned with questions of home, identity and memory. Read more

  • 100 Images of Migration

    April 26, 2017

    A collection of diverse images by professional and amateur photographers that together tell a compelling story about what migration means to people across the UK Read more

  • Call me by my name: stories from Calais and beyond

    April 26, 2017

    An updated version of our acclaimed multimedia exhibition, originally staged in June 2016, exploring the complex and human stories behind the current migration ‘crisis’, with a particular focus on the now-demolished Calais camp. Read more

  • Call me by my name: stories from Calais and beyond

    Call me by my name: stories from Calais and beyond explores the complexity and human stories behind the current migration crisis, with a particular focus on the Calais camp. Read more

  • 100 Images of Migration

    A collection of diverse images by professional and amateur photographers that together tell a compelling story about what migration means to people across the UK. Read more

  • Keepsakes

    Working with communities and individuals, we are exploring the nature and importance of personal keepsakes in telling migration stories. Read more

  • Adopting Britain at Southbank Centre

    We are very proud to have been a part of the Adopting Britain exhibition, curated by Southbank Centre in partnership with Counterpoints Arts, during its run at Royal Festival Hall from April to September 2015. Read more

  • Germans in Britain

    Explore the rich and fascinating history of German migrants to Britain in our pop-up exhibition, which has toured extensively throughout the UK.
    Read more

  • RE·THINK Migration

    We collaborated with the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich to explore the theme of migration with visitors from June – November 2015.
    Read more

  • The new “respectable racism” needs to be challenged more

    A new exhibition has opened in Roast restaurant in London’s Borough Market, founded by a distinguished friend – and generous supporter – of the Migration Museum Project, Iqbal Wahhab. Here Iqbal talks about the circumstances that provided the unfortunate inspiration for the exhibition. No one really knows what’s going to happen post-Brexit. But we do… Read more

  • No Turning Back – diverging paths in Britain’s migration history

    Standing at a crossroads What have been the pivotal moments, the forks in the road, the lines in the sand in the history of migration in this country? And was the referendum on 23 June 2016 one of those moments? The pivotal moments in a person’s, or a country’s, life are always compelling hooks to… Read more

  • ‘Evil May Day’: a 500th anniversary

    One of the clear highlights of our ‘Imprints’ walk last October (to judge from the feedback of walkers) was Bill Bingham’s rendition of the ‘Strangers’ speech from Sir Thomas More. Bill, a tireless friend of the Migration Museum Project and the mastermind behind the video tent in our current exhibition of Call Me By My… Read more

  • Stories from the Soho Road

    After Khalid Masood’s attack on Westminster last week, both Birmingham and Islam were singled out for critical comment in some of the nation’s press – Birmingham being once again branded the UK’s prime jihadist recruitment centre, and Islam criticised for its callousness, as evidenced by the photograph of a young Muslim woman walking past one… Read more

  • Nations divided: how to teach the history of partition

    Waiting for the midnight hour This year marks the 70th anniversary of Indian Independence. On 15 August 1947, ‘At the stroke of the midnight hour,’ as India’s first prime minister, Jawaharlal Nehru, sonorously proclaimed, ‘when the world sleeps, India will awake to life and freedom.’ And so it did, but it awoke too to the… Read more

  • At last, a larger slice of the cake

    Martin Spafford, who sits on the Migration Museum Project’s education committee, writes here about developments to public examination at GCSE which, for the first time, enshrine migration education on the school curriculum. Emily Miller, the Migration Museum Project’s education manager, is working with Martin to promote migration education in schools. Migration and the new GCSE… Read more

  • A Nepali in Victorian England

    Gurkhas occupy an interesting place in British folklore. Universally recognised as ferociously loyal, heroic and determined fighters in the British army, they were only recently given right to settle in this country, and then only after a high-profile media campaign. In this guest blog, Krishna P Adhikari recounts what is known of one of the first Nepali visitors… Read more

  • Street Orchestra London performs at our new venue

    Join us for a free performance of migration themed music by Street Orchestra London this Sunday at 2:30pm with 100 Images of Migration as the gallery backdrop. Read more

  • Migration Museum at The Workshop

    We are delighted to announce the launch of our dynamic new venue, Migration Museum at The Workshop. Read more

  • The Migration Museums Network

    The Migration Museum Project is excited to announce the launch of the Migration Museums Network. Read more

  • Remembering Sir Ralph Kohn

    We were deeply saddened to receive news of the passing of Sir Ralph Kohn, on 14 November 2016. Sir Ralph Kohn was well known as an innovator in the pharmaceutical industry, an accomplished baritone, and a generous philanthropist. He set up the Kohn Foundation supporting medical, scientific, artistic, and humanitarian causes and organisations, and we… Read more

  • Imprints: London Migration Walk

    On Sunday 16th October 2016, over 120 intrepid walkers joined the Migration Museum Project for our inaugural Migration Walk –  an epic trek across London, from Cutty Sark in the east to Hyde Park in the west. The walk took approximately 9 hours, and covered 15 miles, and through the unpredictable weather, our expert guides illuminated hidden stories of migrants… Read more

  • Moving Stories – exhibition competition with OCR

    We are excited to be pursuing our partnership with the OCR exam board on a new exhibition competition. Read more

  • Robert Tombs on English migration history

    On 18 November 2015, Robert Tombs delivered our second Annual Lecture in partnership with the London School of Economics and Political Sciences. Listen to the audio podcast. Read more

  • Michael Rosen on The Languages of Migration

    Michael Rosen speaking in a thoughtful pose, gesturing with one hand, holding his notes in the other

    Audio podcast and transcript of Michael Rosen’s The Languages of Migration talk for the Migration Museum Project – London School of Economics inaugural annual Public Lecture. Read more

  • 100 Images of Migration Online Gallery

    First shown at Hackney Museum, our exhibition is now viewable as an online gallery. Read more