The Migration Museum at The Workshop – telling stories of movement to and from Britain in fresh and engaging ways.

We stage an adventurous programme of exhibitions, events and education workshops at our museum, housed in The Workshop, an arts and community space just off Albert Embankment in London.

The Migration Museum at The Workshop is located at 26 Lambeth High Street, London, SE1 7AG. We are open Wednesday–Sunday, from 11am to 5pm, with late opening until 9pm on the last Thursday of each month. Please note that the museum will be closed all day on Easter Sunday (1 April) and Easter Monday (2 April).

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Professor Peter Atkins

Professor Peter Atkins began his academic life as an undergraduate at the University of Leicester, and remained there for his PhD. Read more

Meet our distinguished friends
  • Left Luggage: Reading Sam Selvon in Waterloo Station

    April 22, 2018

    The dramatic backdrop of Waterloo Station provides the setting for this walk. Experience the vibrant writing of Trinidad-born novelist Sam Selvon, who evokes the expectations and apprehensions of new arrivals at Waterloo, as well as feelings of loss and nostalgia. Read more

  • Colonials in the Metropole: Migrant Bloomsbury

    April 12, 2018

    In the 1920s and 30s Bloomsbury was London’s most diverse neighbourhood, populated by writers and intellectuals from all over the world. This walk brings together some unexpected perspectives on Bloomsbury from the work of émigré writers from British colonies and beyond. Read more

  • Open University presents: Technology-enabled Language Education for Migrants and Refugees in the UK

    April 11, 2018

    This roundtable discussion is designed to provoke discussion on the role of technology in language education for migrants and refugees. Are any current technologies relevant or useful? Are they a barrier to genuine human contact and learning? Should they be used much more widely and how might that come about? Read more

  • Migration Museum Book Club

    April 8, 2018

    Join us for our first Migration Museum Book Club on Sunday 8 April. Devised and run by our volunteers and based around a monthly theme, attendees are invited to bring a book, poem, article or a piece of their own writing to share and discuss with the group. Read more

  • Migration Museum Late

    March 29, 2018

    Join us for our March late opening, featuring a chance to view our current exhibitions, have a drink and chat to a Pop-up Prof and to members of our team. Read more

  • Fragments of Jewish Whitechapel

    March 25, 2018

    For nearly 70 years, Whitechapel was home to the UK’s largest Jewish population. This walk, led by literary historian Dr Nadia Valman, takes you on a route through Whitechapel in the words of two generations of local writers Read more

  • Moving Hearts – procession and spiral installation

    March 24, 2018

    During March 2018, more than three hundred Londoners from all backgrounds have come together in workshops to make 1,000 small human hearts in clay. On Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th March, these hearts will be wrapped in white cloth and laid out in a spiral. Audiences are invited to walk the spiral, pick up a heart and write on the cloth something expressing their own connection to those forced to migrate. There will also be a forum discussion for people to share thoughts, questions, feelings, experiences, ideas, stories and work related to migration and belonging. Read more

  • What does migration mean in the UK today? – University of Hertfordshire poster project

    January 25, 2018

    A selection of posters by second-year graphic design and illustration students at the University of Hertfordshire in response to the question ‘What does migration mean in the UK today?’ Read more

  • No Turning Back: Seven Migration Moments that Changed Britain

    September 20, 2017

    A new exhibition from the Migration Museum exploring seven migration moments throughout history that changed Britain through art, photography, graphics, quotes and stories. Read more

  • 100 Images of Migration

    April 26, 2017

    A collection of diverse images by professional and amateur photographers that together tell a compelling story about what migration means to people across the UK Read more

  • No Turning Back: Seven Migration Moments that Changed Britain

    A new exhibition from the Migration Museum exploring seven migration moments throughout history that changed Britain through art, photography, graphics, quotes and stories. Read more

  • 100 Images of Migration

    A collection of diverse images by professional and amateur photographers that together tell a compelling story about what migration means to people across the UK. Read more

  • The public’s engagement with migration debates

    In a second blog for us, Assunta Nicolini, one of our regular volunteers, talks about how two of the seven moments in our current exhibition, No Turning Back, have caused visitors to raise questions about the complex relationship between race, migration and racism. Assunta is writing here in a private capacity.   A year and… Read more

  • What does migration mean in the UK today? – Poster project by University of Hertfordshire students

    Second-year graphic design and illustration students at the University of Hertforshire were tasked with designing a poster in response to the question: ‘What does migration mean in the UK today?’ Kerry William Purcell, Senior Lecturer in Design History at the University of Hertfordshire, explains the background to the project as well as presenting some of the posters produced by his students. Read more

  • Gujarati Yatra – “We came with empty hands; we left with empty hearts”

    If you find yourself anywhere near Croydon between now and April 2018, go and visit the Gujarati Yatra exhibition, which is nestled away in the Museum of Croydon and occupies the stairwell, corridor and café of the Clocktower building in which it is housed.1 This exhibition tells the story of the double diaspora of the… Read more

  • Winning the argument or listening?

    The festive season is upon us. According to experts commenting on the subject in magazines and newspapers, it could equally be called the arguing season. A friend in an early Christmas party bemoaned the arrival of her in-laws, bringing with them different opinions on Brexit and other political issues that, sooner or later, led to… Read more

  • Talking about Roman migration in 2017

    The past is not only a different country; it’s a contested one, too, and nowhere more so than in the extent to which Britain may or may not have been a ‘multi-racial’ society in earlier centuries. As with all debates of this kind, positions quickly become polarised and evidence exaggerated, with each end of the… Read more

  • Economic migrants or refugees? A core issue at the heart of migration past and present

    The Migration Museum Project is blessed with a large team of fantastic volunteers, without whom we would find it hard to function and impossible to run our events and exhibitions. Assunta Nicolini is one such volunteer, and her discussions with visitors to our current exhibition, No Turning Back, have got her thinking about a number of issues that she… Read more

  • Partition, 70 years on – the MMP’s annual lecture at the LSE, 22 November 2017

    Ahead of Kishwar Desai’s MMP–LSE lecture on the Partition of India, our projects manager, Andrew Steeds, explores the theme of collective remembering and the differences it can make to those who lived through traumatic events. Read more

  • Being a young interpreter

    In the third of our series reflecting on the experience of running workshops with young people and schoolchildren, Sarah Crafter (The Open University) and Humera Iqbal (University College London) talk about a project that has as its focus young people and children who act as interpreters for their parents and families – and how this focus… Read more

  • Hands-on multiculturalism: learning about everyday diversity in urban England

    As Britain’s cities, towns and countryside become more ethnically diverse, it is important that issues of diversity and multiculture are taught in relevant and sensitive ways. In this blog, Katy Bennett and Giles Mohan reflect on their teaching workshop at the Migration Museum Project’s Call Me By My Name exhibition last year and on the… Read more

  • How did we get to here from there?

    The last day of our previous exhibition, Call Me By My Name: Stories from Calais and beyond, was Sunday 20 August; the dismantling and de-installing of the exhibition started the next day and was completed in a matter of days. Exactly one calendar month later our new exhibition, No Turning Back: Seven migration moments that… Read more

  • Home, 2010 and 2017

    In 2010, Simon James took a series of photographs for an exhibition which he called Home, 2010. This was a series of portraits with handwritten answers to a questionnaire alongside the photos. The questionnaire asked the subjects of their photos a series of factual questions –name, home town, nationality, part of London they lived in,… Read more

  • How long, o Lord, how long?

    How long do you have to live somewhere before you are accepted as belonging there? A friend moved to a village in Devon 30 years ago and is now leader of the parish council. But she regularly finds her proposals or decisions challenged by another council member, who invariably begins his sarcastic intervention, ‘Well, as… Read more

  • The new “respectable racism” needs to be challenged more

    A new exhibition has opened in Roast restaurant in London’s Borough Market, founded by a distinguished friend – and generous supporter – of the Migration Museum Project, Iqbal Wahhab. Here Iqbal talks about the circumstances that provided the unfortunate inspiration for the exhibition. No one really knows what’s going to happen post-Brexit. But we do… Read more

  • No Turning Back – diverging paths in Britain’s migration history

    Standing at a crossroads What have been the pivotal moments, the forks in the road, the lines in the sand in the history of migration in this country? And was the referendum on 23 June 2016 one of those moments? The pivotal moments in a person’s, or a country’s, life are always compelling hooks to… Read more

  • Southwark pop-up Migration Museum

    We are running a pop-up museum in London Bridge from Monday 12 March until Friday 16 March showcasing highlights from our current and previous exhibitions, a selection of Southwark migration stories and a range of interactive activities. Read more

  • Migration Museum Project wins 3FF award

    The Migration Museum Project (MMP) has received an award for specialised services at the Three Faith Forum’s (3FF) 2017 awards for London’s faith and belief communities. Read more

  • OCR competition prize announced: NYC trip in 2018

    We are excited to announce that the winning school team in our OCR Moving Stories competition will win a trip to New York City in summer 2018. Read more

  • Mayor of London Sadiq Khan supports Migration Museum Project

    The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has given his support to the Migration Museum Project’s aim to create a permanent Migration Museum for Britain. Read more

  • Migration Museum Film Club

    We are launching a new Migration Museum Film Club at the Migration Museum at The Workshop, showcasing films that shed light on different aspects of Britain’s migration story. Read more

  • Martin Roth, 1955–2017

    Truly sorry to hear the news, earlier this week, of the death of Martin Roth, ex-director of the V&A, a distinguished friend of the MMP and a huge source of support, sound advice and inspiration to us, as he was to many in the arts and heritage world. The German foreign minister described him well… Read more

  • Migration Museum at The Workshop launch party

    On the 10th May 2017 we were delighted to welcome 500 supporters to celebrate the opening of our new venue, Migration Museum at The Workshop. Guests enjoyed a wonderful performance by Yasmin Kadi,  as well as talks by distinguished friends, Lord Alf Dubs and George Alagiah.   Migration Museum at The Workshop Launch from Migration… Read more

  • The Migration Museums Network

    The Migration Museum Project is excited to announce the launch of the Migration Museums Network. Read more

  • Lady Kishwar Desai on Partition, 70 years on

    Listen to our 2017 LSE–MMP annual lecture on Partition, 70 years on, given by Lady Kishwar Desai. Read more

  • Report on the Migration Museums Network survey results (2017)

    This report shares the results from an online survey of 119 museum professionals and academics conducted in 2017, evaluating the exploration of migration themes by museums and galleries across the UK and assessing demand for the creation of a Migration Museums Network. Read more

  • Museums and Migration, 2009–2017

    A report exploring the case for a national migration museum, and a migration museums network, authored by Dr Cathy Ross and Emma Shapiro. Read more

  • Migration Museum Project’s 2017 Annual Lecture with Gary Younge

    Journalist and author Gary Younge looks at how immigration is understood in the current age and what the consequences are in terms of migration, social anxiety and democracy. Read more

  • George Alagiah at the launch of Migration Museum at The Workshop

    BBC newsreader and journalist George Alagiah, one of our Distinguished Friends, spoke at the launch of the Migration Museum at The Workshop in May 2017. Read more

  • Migration Museum at The Workshop Launch

    Highlights of the launch party for our Migration Museum at The Workshop. Read more

  • Call me by my name – Curator’s insights

    Curator Sue McAlpine takes us behind the scenes to explain the objectives and approach to the Migration Museum Project’s exhibition Call me by name: stories from Calais and beyond. Read more

  • Robert Tombs on English migration history

    On 18 November 2015, Robert Tombs delivered our second Annual Lecture in partnership with the London School of Economics and Political Sciences. Listen to the audio podcast. Read more

  • Michael Rosen on The Languages of Migration

    Michael Rosen speaking in a thoughtful pose, gesturing with one hand, holding his notes in the other

    Audio podcast and transcript of Michael Rosen’s The Languages of Migration talk for the Migration Museum Project – London School of Economics inaugural annual Public Lecture. Read more