Migration Museum launches Departures: Understanding Emigration education resource pack

The Migration Museum is pleased to share with you our Departures: Understanding Emigration education resource pack. 

This free, in-depth resource pack shines a spotlight on 400 years of British emigration – one of the largest movements of people in modern history, yet a history that is often overlooked.  

Who are the many millions who have departed these shores and why did they go? Can exploring their motivations help us better understand the motivations of people who arrive? What impact has this mass movement had on the world – and on Britain? Our resource pack features stories spanning four centuries – from Mayflower Pilgrims to Welsh emigrants to South America, Child migration schemes to the Windrush scandal.

This resource pack will be helpful to any student studying the impact of emigration from Britain; both on the countries people emigrated to, and on Britain itself. However, the resource pack is designed specifically for Key Stage 4 students studying GCSE History: AQA’s ‘Migration, Empires and the Peoples’ unit. The pack has been designed by David Cox and the Migration Museum, with input from AQA teachers and the board’s History subject advisor.

The Departures: Understanding Emigration resource pack accompanies the Migration Museum’s Departures exhibition, but is designed to be used as a stand-alone resource, or in conjunction with a self-guided or facilitated learning visit to the exhibition. To find out more about organising a visit to Departures for your students, please contact our education manager Liberty Melly: liberty@migrationmuseum.org.

Click here to download and view the resource pack

Teachers are also finding our Departures podcast really helpful for subject knowledge. Each episode explores emigration themes with input from academics, family historians, people with personal connections to the historical moments being explored and more. You can browse and listen to all episodes here or by searching for ‘Departures: 400 Years of Emigration from Britain’ wherever you get your podcasts.

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