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Planning to teach a lesson or unit on migration, immigration, emigration, multiculturalism or cultural diversity? Looking for good resources to support you? Short on time? Overwhelmed by the amount available out there and reluctant to start from scratch? We are here to help! We have searched widely and selected some of the best resources and useful websites on these themes. Use our simple search boxes to locate the right resource for you and your pupils. Please review any you’ve used and write to our head of learning and partnerships to recommend any others at

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  • No Turning Back – schools resources

    Produced byMigration Museum Project
    SubjectCitizenship, English, Geography, History
    Age rangeKS3 (ages 11–14), KS4 (ages 14–16)
    SummaryA range of self-directed activities for school trips to the exhibition, encompassing KS3 and KS4 resources co-designed with teachers for before your visit and to follow up in the classroom afterwards.

    Our new exhibition No Turning Back: Seven Migration Moments That Changed Britain focuses on seven pivotal moments when migration shaped the history of Britain.

    We are coordinating a range of workshops and self-directed activities for school trips to the exhibition. Below you will find KS3 and KS4 resources co-designed with teachers for before your visit and to follow up in the classroom afterwards. Whilst these resources cater for KS3 and 4, we are also working with year 5 and 6 pupils so please also get in touch if you are a KS2 teacher. We welcome your feedback on these resources.

    Click here to view and download resources

  • Migration Museum Project scheme of work

    Produced byMigration Museum Project
    SubjectCitizenship, History
    Topics/keywordsCaribbean immigration, Commonwealth, EU, Huguenots, Identity, Immigration, Irish, Jews, Romans
    Age rangeKS3 (ages 11–14)
    SummaryThis scheme of work created by the Migration Museum Project and teachers covers 6 main migration ‘moments’ in British history. To download the powerpoints and the supporting worksheets follow this link.  

    7 Powerpoints and supporting worksheets and activities

  • Our Migration Story

    Produced byThe Runnymede Trust, with Universities of Cambridge and Manchester and the Arts and Humanities Research Council
    Topics/keywordsacademics, communities, Early and Medieval, GCSE, Imperial, Industrial, Migration, modern
    Age rangeKS4 (ages 14–16)
    SummaryThis website draws on the research of over 60 historians based in universities and historical institutions and presents the often untold stories of the generations of migrants who came to and shaped the British Isles. While this website is primarily designed to support teachers and students studying migration to Britain, its aim is to be…

    Website in four time period categories

  • England’s Immigrants 1330 – 1550

    Produced byNational Archives
    SubjectCitizenship, Geography, History, PSHE
    Topics/keywordsaliens, database, Diversity, Immigration, Medieval, Migration
    Age rangeKS2 (ages 7–11), KS3 (ages 11–14), KS4 (ages 14–16), KS5 (ages 16–18)
    SummaryVarious sets of introductory powerpoints produced for primary and secondary pupils by teachers as part of the teacher scholar programme hosted by University of York and the National Archives. These lessons introduce pupils to the results of the research project into medieval immigration using extensive government records from the time.
    Description4 sets of powerpoints, divided by age. Resource
  • Objects in Focus

    Produced byJewish Museum
    SubjectGeography, History, RE
    Topics/keywordsArt, History, Holocaust, Judaism, Migration, Refugees
    Age rangeKS2 (ages 7–11), KS3 (ages 11–14)
    SummaryThe learning team at the Jewish Museum have chosen objects from the museum’s collection for your students to focus on in the classroom.  Each of the objects relate to one of their four Learning Strands – Discovering Judaism, Exploring Migration History, Investigating the Holocaust and Revealing Arts. Guide your students through describing and analysing the significance…
    DescriptionWebsite with downloadable resourcesResource
  • They Came Because They Had To

    Produced byAmnesty International
    SubjectCitizenship, English, Geography, PSHE
    Age range-
    SummaryA quiz, story and role play that is designed to get students thinking about forced migration.

    Classroom resources and additional materials.

  • You Tube Video: BBC Europe: Why Now?

    Produced byBBC
    SubjectCitizenship, Geography, PSHE
    Age range-
    Summary2 minute video which addresses the question, why now? Thousands of Syrian refugees have travelled to Europe, fleeing war in their country and seeking somewhere safe to live. The civil war has been raging in Syria for a long time, but the numbers of refugees heading to Europe has increased substantially over the past year.
  • Programme – Exodus: Our Journey

    Produced byBBC
    SubjectCitizenship, Geography, History, PSHE
    Age range-
    SummaryThree BBC episodes detailing the lives of individuals making the perilous journey from the Middle East to Europe. The production team gave camera phones to the people attempting to reach Europe, escaping war, poverty and persecution. They were prepared to film where regular film crews could not go, e.g. on the inflatable dinghies crossing from…
  • Against All Odds

    Produced byUNHRC
    SubjectGeography, PSHE
    Topics/keywordsEducation, History, Migration
    Age rangeKS2 (ages 7–11), KS3 (ages 11–14)
    SummaryInteractive online game where the student takes on the role of a refugee, making difficult decisions in order to keep themselves and their family safe. There are additional resources for teachers to guide discussion as students play this game.
    DescriptionOnline gameResource
  • Queens of Syria: Classroom Resources

    Produced byBritish Council
    SubjectCitizenship, English, PSHE
    Topics/keywordsEducation, Migration, Theatre
    Age rangeKS2 (ages 7–11), KS3 (ages 11–14)
    SummaryResources tied to the critically acclaimed Queens of Syria theatre production. Through looking at the play’s script along with maps, photographs and video testimony, students explore the impact of the Syrian crisis on the lives of women.
    DescriptionLesson resources and activities. Resource

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