Artist Call Out for Inside/Outside and All In Between – a community curated exhibition in Lewisham

Call for artists with a deep connection to Lewisham to submit work around the theme of “Inside/Outside and All In Between” for a community curated exhibition at the Migration Museum 

Are you an artist passionate about delving into the complexities of the migrant experience? We invite you to participate in our upcoming exhibition centred around the theme of Inside/Outside and All In Between.

As migrants, we often find ourselves navigating between the internal journey of identity and belonging (Inside) and the external realities of settlement and integration (Outside). We have private and public selves and conflicts that arise from switching between these identities.      

This exhibition invites artists working in diverse mediums such as painting, sculpture, photography, mixed media, installation and digital art to explore a broad range of perspectives on what it means to navigate the boundaries of inside and outside and explore the contrasts and conflicts of experiencing (and existing in) a world that does not cater to one’s own heritage. 

Inside/Outside And All In Between is the first exhibit in our new Community Space. and the first produced by our newly hired Community Curators. The exhibit will coincide with the launch of All Our Stories, the Migration Museum’s next exhibition in Lewisham, opening in September 2024.

Curators’ statement
Inside/Outside And All In Between delves into the complex dynamics of migration and displacement, exploring the potential conflicts, parallels, blends and transformative journeys between the public and private spheres, between the external and internal dimensions of ‘home’, between outward expression and inner states of being, between memory and imagined self/future, between struggling with and/or embracing a new culture and identity… and much more.

What are we looking for? 
This is an open call to artists, writers, designers, filmmakers and any other creative practitioners with deep connections to Lewisham. We are open to all art forms and welcome proposals from both new creators and established artists. We are particularly interested in hearing from anyone with lived experience of migration.  Solo or group work in any medium is welcome, as well as works that are ready to exhibit.

Applicants will be selected on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Quality of work
  • Critical engagement with theme and broader socio/political themes relating to migration and identity

We encourage everyone to apply. There is no fee for participation, but if you need support to realise your submission, we are happy to discuss and review this on a case by case basis if your submission is shortlisted.

Key Dates
Submission deadline: Friday 31 May 2024 (23:59)
Shortlisted candidates will be contacted once our curators have had a chance to review all applications with details on next steps.

How to apply
Please complete this form to be considered. When prompted, please attach supporting PDF documents (no larger than 10mb). For video/audio tracks creatives should provide a Youtube link.

For PDF submissions please include:

  • Max 300 word statement providing details about yourself and the work submitted.
  • A section including images, sketches, text etc. which showcases your work. For installation pieces this may include specifications on how the work should be displayed in the space. Pieces should be no bigger than 1x1x1 metres.

For audio/visual track submissions please include:

  • Provide a brief statement providing details about yourself and the work submitted.
  • The full track, preferably no longer than 10mins.

2 responses to “Artist Call Out for Inside/Outside and All In Between – a community curated exhibition in Lewisham”

  1. Mona Omrani says:

    I am a painter and calligrapher and I participated in a number of exhibitions in my country and my works are about Iranian women and a combination of painting and calligraphy. I am happy to participate in this exhibition.

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