100 Images of Migration

About the exhibition

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Please note that 100 Images of Migration is not currently on physical display. See below for information on past displays.

100 Images of Migration is the exhibition with which we launched the Migration Museum Project in 2013.

The product of a competition run with the Guardian newspaper – people were asked to submit images that were, for them, resonant of migration – it collected images provided by professional and amateur photographers alike, each of which provides a snapshot on the lived experience of migration. Every photo is accompanied by an explanatory text, some starkly short, some a more elaborate account of the significance of the image to the photographer. Together, they project a powerful image of migration in Britain today – sometimes inspiring, sometimes unsettling, at times dramatically mundane, always arresting.

The exhibition is so close to the heart of what the Migration Museum Project is about: reflecting the full range of the experience of migration, from professionals, amateurs and visitors; challenging us all to review our understanding of, and attitude to, migration; identifying the human stories that lie behind the often clichéd treatment of the subject in our mainstream media.

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Above image © Christian Sinibaldi

Past displays of 100 Images of Migration include:

As part of Journeys to Oxford at Museum of Oxford, Oxford, 12 June–4 November 2017

Migration Museum at The Workshop, London, 26 April–20 August 2017

Huguenot Museum, Rochester, 22 June–20 August 2016

Europe House, London, 2 March–11 March 2016

City Hall, London, 5 February–25 February 2016

As part of Adopting Britain at Southbank Centre, London, Apr–Sep 2015

Wardown Park Museum, Luton, 6 June–19 July Feb 2015

Heritage Gallery, Greenwich, London, 30 March–20 May 2015

As part of 100 Stories of Migration at University of Leicester School of Migration Studies, Leicester, 24 June 2014–4 March 2015

Hackney Museum, London, 11 June–31 August 2013