Tell us what you want to see from the Migration Museum

We’re rethinking how we work with people and groups who might want to visit and engage with our museum. We’re looking for people to talk to us over the next 18 months to be part of our People’s Panel and People’s Network

If you want to take part there are two options:

1) The People’s Panel will be the core group who guides our engagement practice over the next 18 months. To take part in our People’s Panel you will need to be able to attend 3 workshops and complete 3 surveys. These will take place between February 2022 and April 2023. Participants will receive £75 per workshop for their time. 

2) If you don’t have time to attend workshops, join our People’s Network this is a virtual network which will feedback on our activities and help us shape our future exhibitions, events and activities. To join our people’s network you will need to be able to fill in 3 surveys (online, on phone or in person) These will take place between February 2022 and April 2023. Participants will receive £10 High Street Voucher per survey.

If you’re interested in taking part, please share the following info with us:

  1. Name
  2. Tell us something about you
  3. Tell us why you want to be involved

And send to, come into the museum and speak to a member of the team, or ring 020 3488 4508, leave a message and someone will call you back

Students from Harris Westminster Sixthform with Sadiq Khan at Migration Museum

Visitors engage with our Room to Breathe exhibition


What will the People’s Panel and People’s Network do? 

– Choose the values and guidelines that we follow when we host exhibitions, activities and events

– Help shape our future exhibitions and events

– Feedback on what you like, and don’t like from the Migration Museum

How much time do I need to have?

There’s two options if you want to take part: 

  1. People’s Panel
    3x 2 hour workshops over 18 month period starting February 2022
    3x 10 minute follow up surveys over 18 month period 

2. People’s Network (Virtual network)
3x surveys over 18 month period – online OR phone

How much will I be compensated for my time? 

You will be paid £75 per 2 hour workshop if you’re part of the People’s Panel. If you join the People’s Network, you will receive a £10 voucher per survey. 

I don’t know anything about museums and/or migration can I join in?

Yes! You’re an expert on your experience. We want to hear from people with a range of experiences and expertise.

I’m under 16 can I join the People’s Panel and People’s Network?

If you’re under 16 you can take part in the People’s Network, but at the moment our People’s Panel is for over 16s only. However, we have a Youth Panel which you can join. Email for more information.

What does the Migration Museum do?

We host exhibitions, events and an extensive education programme looking at the movement of people to and from the UK. We’re currently based in the heart of Lewisham Shopping Centre in south-east London. We’re free to visit, and there’s no need to book. Visit our About Us page for more information, or check our our Instagram.

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Our Borderless Cup football and basketball tournament in 2019