Migration and Museums – a review for the Migration Network 2020/21

The Migration Museum commissioned a review in late 2018 to provide an overview of migration-related work being undertaken by museums and heritage sites nationally, to explore some of the motivations for the museum sector to address migration and the challenges faced in doing so, and to provide an initial basis and context for participants in the Migration Network to explore further.

This review was intended as a helpful starting point for further discussion and exploration, not as a definitive survey or study – and recent developments have likely significantly altered both the context and motivations for the sector and its capacity to respond.

Nevertheless, we hope that this review can serve as a useful overview and a starting point for further discussion and exploration via the Migration Network in 2020/1. We very much welcome your contributions and feedback on the review and look forward to discussing some of the themes it contains with you at our Network regional meetings.

Click on the cover image below to download and view (PDF):