Exploring how migration changes the places where we live

Migration has a major impact on local communities. In a series of videos produced as part of Migration Making Places, Making People: New Narratives of Inclusion, a partnership project between COMPAS, The Open University, the Migration Museum Project and Counterpoints Arts, key policymakers, researchers and practitioners discuss issues ranging from solidarity to challenges migrants face and multiculturalism.

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As part of the package of resources, in the video below, Jacqui Broadhead Senior Researcher at the University of Oxford and COMPAS, and Emily Miller, Head of Learning and Partnerships at the Migration Museum focus on the role of local government. They ask what kind of narratives we can develop that are less polarised. What role does communication strategy play in constructing an inclusive narrative of migration? Who are the different people, organisations and sectors who contribute to the debate on migration and what can they learn from each other?


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