Robert Tombs on English migration history

On 18 November 2015, Robert Tombs delivered our second Annual Lecture in partnership with the London School of Economics and Political Sciences. You can now listen to the full podcast below, or download the audio.

Migration has been a crucial element of British and English history. England emerged as a nation amid a period of migration. Its culture is a hybrid. Its modern experience has been shaped by an unprecedented outward and inward flow of peoples. This lecture aims to identify what is special and characteristic about the migration history of England and Britain, and reflect on the way in which migration has affected and still affects the life of the nation.

Robert Tombs is Professor of French History at Cambridge and author of The English and their History. He is a specialist in modern French history and on the Franco-British relationship. His most recent work has been an excursion into English history, though with something of a French perspective.