The Open University presents: Statelessness as Displacement in Situ

While statelessness is not a migratory status, it raises important questions for the meaning of displacement.

This is a video of a talk organised by The Open University and hosted at the Migration Museum at The Workshop in July 2017, in which participants discussed statelessness as displacement and looked at what this means for our wider understanding of displacement, expulsion, and exclusion from states and international systems.


Amal de Chickera, co-founder, Institute for Statelessness and Inclusion

Chris Nash, co-founder, European Network on Statelessness

Katja Swider, PhD candidate, University of Amsterdam

Tendayi Bloom, The Open University, UK

This was the second in a series of three public talks in summer 2017 organised by The Open University looking at the question of how we think about migration. The series brought together academics and practitioners to engage with how the arts, politics and law represents the experiences of refugees and migrants.

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