Report on the Migration Museums Network survey results (2017)

Download and view the full report here

In November 2016, the Migration Museum Project (MMP) secured funding from Arts Council England to co-ordinate a pilot testing out the idea for a Migration Museums Network (MMN). The network aims to increase and improve outputs associated with migration and related themes in museums and galleries across the UK, and will focus on sharing best practice, highlighting case studies and facilitating partnerships across the sector.

This report shares the results from an online survey, completed widely by 119 people, the majority from within museum institutions: museum directors, curators and collections managers, and people in a broad range of other roles – education and learning, community engagement, audience development, interpretation, and diversity and inclusion. Several freelancers responded – museum consultants, artists, and evaluation specialists. There was also interest from within academia from lecturers, researchers and postgraduate students.

We had a good geographical spread of respondents: each ‘pin’ on the map on p4 of the report represents a respondent – although the many responses from across London are represented by one ‘pin’ only. Equally, we believe we achieved a fairly representative sample of the sector, although we are aware of further work on migration themes across the UK that is not represented here (there being no responses to this effect), and there is doubtless other work that we do not know about.

Download and view the full report here