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This is a traditional leather bottle or wineskin used for wine or water during carnivals and festivals in Colombia. This little hat or sombrero has dancing shoes, parrots, which are symbols of indigenous Colombian culture, and a bag of coffee beans. Return to Keepsakes gallery Read more

Fatma Mohamed

I bought this necklace in Kacha-kally, in Bakau, Gambia. Apparently, when crocodiles fight rough, they lose teeth. The local people there pick them up and make these beautiful necklaces. I was amazed how calm the crocs were, like they were part of the family. I wear the necklace a lot to remind me of a… Read more

Henning Wehn

Ever wondered why you never hear Henning Wehn talking about aardvarks? The inside cover of this dictionary would have probably told you it’s the property of Theodor Heuss Gymnasium, Hagen, and must be returned. But the cover has long gone. Along with any words before ‘acrylic’. And even extensive gaffer tape usage didn’t prevent what’s… Read more


This watch has two sides so you can wear it either way. It was given to me by my daughter ten years ago when she was 15. It’s manual so I have to keep winding it. My daughter still lives in Madrid but she visits me often. Return to Keepsakes gallery Read more