Keepsakes Gallery

Caitlin Witheridge

Pupil in uniform holds pretty autumnal-coloured parasol in park with trees behind.

Caitlin tells us about her mum’s pretty parasol from Thailand. My mum went on holiday to Thailand with my Thai Auntie and she brought this parasol back with her. It means something to me because somebody in Thailand took time out of their lives to hand paint the parasol for my Mum. Its special because… Read more

Eleanor Fanyinka

Eleanor tells us how her relationship with her Keepsake has changed over time. This snakeskin bag has been around for as long as I can remember. My brother and I would laugh at how alien it looked and felt. My Mum bought it when she lived in Ghana in 1970s. A few years back I… Read more

Frank Gitro

Frank explains the connection between his Keepsake and his artistic practice… I have an affinity for owls, and indeed most birds. I was very pleased that London seems to have a broader spectrum of species than I was used to in New York.  This felt owl, is a memento of home, of my relationship with… Read more

Maria Dolores Sanchez

My keepsakes come from my region of Colombia, where the farmers always travel by mule with their coffee. The bag is made from the leaves of the Cabuya or Fique plant, which grows in the Andean regions and is used to carry coffee beans. Return to Keepsakes gallery Read more