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This is an Eritrean coffee maker which belonged to my mother. It’s our traditional way of making coffee and reminds me of life back home in Eritrea. I will keep it forever. Return to Keepsakes gallery Read more


On my first visit to Vientiane in Laos I hired a bike and went to a little bike shop to get this lock. I noticed later that evening it had my name on it! I went back to the shop the next day and they said they had locks with lots of different names on… Read more

Ying Wu

I learnt to make these figures watching my grandmother who sold them on the streets of Fuzhou, China. Now I make them for my children. They are made from coloured rice flour, wax and honey, which I roll out into dough and cut into shapes. I have to be careful my children don’t eat them… Read more

Asha Mohamed

My aunt sent me this Somalian shash as a gift. I was meant to wear it when I got married but for me it’s my connection to Somalia, as I’ve grown up and lived here all my life. Only married women in Somalia wear these headscarves, but I used to wear it when I was… Read more