Frank Gitro

Frank explains the connection between his Keepsake and his artistic practice…

I have an affinity for owls, and indeed most birds. I was very pleased that London seems to have a broader spectrum of species than I was used to in New York.  This felt owl, is a memento of home, of my relationship with my family and a reminder to maintain my own artistic practice as I travel and live around the world. 

I’m American and moved to London over 7 years ago. I brought many everyday and art pieces along as aesthetics are very important to me and I’m rather sentimental about the things I have around. This owl sculpture was made for me by my cousin Heather Pecoraro who is an artist in Rochester, NY. She’s younger than I and I’ve enjoyed our connection over the years. Being an artist myself, I understand how encouragement can influence one’s confidence and I hope my interest in her work supports her in a way that enriches her work.

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