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This is an amazing pair of drumsticks. You can see how much I’ve used them. I bought them in Spain where I come from and I used them for my first gig in London at the Shacklewell Arms in Dalston in 2006. I’m keeping them because they remind me of that. Return to Keepsakes gallery Read more


My son brought this back for me from Venezuela. It is very typical of Caracas and takes me back to when I lived there. I have been here for twelve years but I still miss my life in Venezuela. Return to Keepsakes gallery Read more

Maurice Nwokeji

Maurice gives us an insight into the musical and cultural importance of his Keepsake, a soprano Ekwe. The instrument is called an Ekwe which translates as Herald and is both a musical instrument and a communication tool. While most people associate Africans with the drums it is not widely known that some tribes like the… Read more


This little toy is very important to me. It belonged to my daughter and she gave it to me. It reminds me of a terrible time when I locked her by mistake in the house on her own when she was only three years old. I had stupidly forgotten to bring the bunch of keys… Read more