The price of emancipation

Emily Miller, Education Officer at the Migration Museum Project Recent films and the media storm around them prove that the horrors of slavery continue to loom in our collective consciousness. A chapter in our history, at least in its transatlantic form, we are glad to have closed. Or have we? What if we discovered that… Read more

Connections of time and place – 18 September

By a happy coincidence, our new exhibition, Germans in Britain, opens at the German Historical Institute on Thursday 18 September, the day on which George 1 arrived in England from Germany three hundred years ago. George hadn’t been the obvious successor to Queen Anne, when she died in August 1714: there had been more than… Read more

Russian . . . ish

‘Here I feel myself free!’ yelled Rasputin. I spat out his hair as it streamed behind him from under his helmet. Roaring through deserted streets in the dead chill before dawn, I felt free, too, but free in a terrified kind of way: he was way over the limit. Read more

The Lion of Milan

At breakfast at a Mumbai hotel a young man glances up when the World Cup is mentioned on television. I do too. Our common interest in Read more