What does migration mean in the UK today? – Poster project by University of Hertfordshire students

Second-year graphic design and illustration students at the University of Hertforshire were tasked with designing a poster in response to the question: ‘What does migration mean in the UK today?’ Kerry William Purcell, Senior Lecturer in Design History at the University of Hertfordshire, explains the background to the project as well as presenting some of the posters produced by his students. Read more

Winning the argument or listening?

The festive season is upon us. According to experts commenting on the subject in magazines and newspapers, it could equally be called the arguing season. A friend in an early Christmas party bemoaned the arrival of her in-laws, bringing with them different opinions on Brexit and other political issues that, sooner or later, led to… Read more

Regrets? He’s had a few …

A profile of Charlie Phillips, photographer and contributor to 100 Images of Migration Charlie Phillips had never planned to be a photographer. When, in the standard career interview towards the end of his time at school, the youth employment officer asked him what he wanted to be, Charlie answered ‘A naval architect’. Even now, his… Read more

Migration is about people, not numbers

This guest blog by Mihir Bose, a distinguished friend of the Migration Museum Project, was written shortly after his visit to Adopting Britain, the exhibition at the Southbank Centre to which the Migration Museum Project has been a proud contributor. Read more