Between East and West

Guest blog by photographer Mike Tsang about his exhibition Between East and West. Details of when and where you can see it are at the base of the post. Between East and West began its life in my teenage years in high school. I went to school in north-west London where there are large communities of… Read more

Peas and queues

If she has kids, they will adopt not her speech but the speech of their British school friends. If you come from an immigrant family, you’ll know how that works. Read more

The Languages of Migration

Emily Miller, Education Officer at the Migration Museum Project How does the language we use to talk about migration and migrants affect our views on migration? This is the question that Michael Rosen dug into in the Migration Museum Project’s inaugural annual lecture at the London School of Economics and Political Science last week.  … Read more

The price of emancipation

Emily Miller, Education Officer at the Migration Museum Project Recent films and the media storm around them prove that the horrors of slavery continue to loom in our collective consciousness. A chapter in our history, at least in its transatlantic form, we are glad to have closed. Or have we? What if we discovered that… Read more