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Planning to teach a lesson or unit on migration, immigration, emigration, multiculturalism or cultural diversity? Looking for good resources to support you? Short on time? Overwhelmed by the amount available out there and reluctant to start from scratch? We are here to help! We have searched widely and selected some of the best resources and useful websites on these themes. Use our simple search boxes to locate the right resource for you and your pupils. Please review any you’ve used and email us to recommend any others at:

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  • Immigration Nation

    Produced byFolens. Oxford University Press.
    Age rangeKS3 (ages 11–14)
    SummaryA well regarded Key Stage 3 History Textbook with introductory chapter and then case study chapters that focus on three in-depth studies: Jewish, Black and South Asian immigration into the UK Read more
    DescriptionTextbook. Teacher Guide. Resource
  • Romans Revealed

    Produced byRunnymede and Reading University
    Age rangeKS2 (ages 7–11)
    SummaryAlthough quite dated in look and feel, this is still a useful resource for this topic: A scheme of work about the diversity of Roman Britain looking at themes of diversity, migration and evidence through the stories of four Roman citizens based in different parts of the UK. Read more

    Website. Resource pack.


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