Exodus: Our Journey to Europe

Produced by: Doc Academy

Subject: Citizenship English Geography History

Topics/keywords: Asylum Asylum seeker Asylum seekers Borders Citizenship Debate Displacement Immigration

Age range: KS3 (ages 11–14) KS4 (ages 14–16)


A scheme of work about the migration ‘crisis’ of 2015 across five lessons. This supports the English Language assessment objectives for GCSE. Follow English teacher Hassan, from Syria, as he leaves his war-torn country and attempts to travel to the UK. Using phone cameras, interviews and voiceover, the BBC documentary series shines a light on the untold story of the migrant crisis. His story— dramatic and dismaying by turn—will enable students to practise a range of reading, writing and listening skills while building their understanding of a critical issue affecting people across the world today.

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