Child Migrant Stories

Produced by: Eithne Nightingale, Queen Mary University of London

Subject: Citizenship English Geography History

Topics/keywords: Asylum Asylum seeker Bangladesh Black migration Caribbean immigration Citizenship Diaspora Discrimination Discussion Displacement Diversity Generations Geography History Identity Immigration Irish immigration Jewish immigration Jewish migration London Migration Racism Asian immigration South Asian migration

Age range: KS1 (ages 5–7) KS2 (ages 7–11) KS5 (ages 16–18) KS3 (ages 11–14) KS4 (ages 14–16)


Child Migrant Stories teaching resources have been developed with and for educators for use in classrooms, heritage sites and other informal learning spaces across the UK. They draw on the personal experiences of people who migrated to Britain from around the world from 1930 to present day. Their stories are of loss and reunion but of resilience too, often in the face of war, poverty and discrimination. They are poignant, powerful and sometimes very funny.

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