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Planning to teach a lesson or unit on migration, immigration, emigration, multiculturalism or cultural diversity? Looking for good resources to support you? Short on time? Overwhelmed by the amount available out there and reluctant to start from scratch? We are here to help! We have searched widely and selected some of the best resources and useful websites on these themes. Use our simple search boxes to locate the right resource for you and your pupils. Please review any you’ve used and write to our head of learning and partnerships to recommend any others at

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  • Making Histories: Developing young community historians

    Produced byRunnymede, London School of Economics, Cambridge University
    SubjectCitizenship, Geography, History, Travel
    Topics/keywordsCardiff, Diversity, Generations, interviews, Journeys, Leicester, Migration, Oral histories, Sheffield, video
    Age rangeKS3 (ages 11–14)
    SummaryA project website hosting the results of secondary school pupils researching their migration stories in three cities, using oral history, interviews and videos. These can be further explored using their three detailed community booklets. Read more
  • Moving Here: 200 years of Migration to Britain

    Produced byMain partner: National Archives
    SubjectCitizenship, Geography, History
    Topics/keywordsCaribbean immigration, Integration, Irish immigration, Jewish immigration, Migration, museums, South Asian immigration
    Age rangeKS2 (ages 7–11), KS3 (ages 11–14), KS4 (ages 14–16)
    SummaryAlthough this site has now been archived, it still has information, sources and activities provided by many organisations for pupils focussing on four key British immigrant communities: Caribbean, South Asian, Irish and Jewish. Useful for research. Read more
  • Refugees into schools

    Produced byThe Employability Forum
    SubjectCitizenship, Geography
    Topics/keywordsAsylum seeker, Persecution, Refugees, Visitors, War
    Age rangeKS2 (ages 7–11), KS3 (ages 11–14), KS4 (ages 14–16)
    SummaryA useful pack with preparation activities, follow up activities and recommended links, books and films to ensure that school groups get the most out of a visit from a refugee. Read more
    DescriptionResource packResource
  • The Arrival

    Produced byHachette Children’s Books
    SubjectArt, Citizenship, Form time, PSHE
    Topics/keywordsDiscrimination, Forced migration, Graphic novel, Journeys, Poverty, Racism
    Age rangeKS1 (ages 5–7), KS2 (ages 7–11), KS3 (ages 11–14)
    SummaryThis beautifully illustrated and evocative book takes the reader on a one man’s journey as he leaves his wife and child for unclear reasons and tries to make a life for himself in a strange new land where nothing is familiar, apart from the shared experience with other migrants. Read more
    DescriptionGraphic NovelResource
  • Moroccan Memories in Britain

    Produced byMigrant and Refugee Communities Forum
    SubjectCitizenship, History
    Topics/keywordsColonies, Empire, Identity, Immigration, Manchester, Moroccan migration, Music, Religion
    Age rangeKS3 (ages 11–14)
    SummaryA 96 page resource pack with lesson plans and classroom activities focussing on the Moroccan community in the UK in three key sections: 1) History and nation building 2) people on the move and migration 3) cultural diversity and heritage Read more
    DescriptionResource packResource
  • Positive Images Toolkit: A resource on migration and development

    Produced byBritish Red Cross
    SubjectCitizenship, Form time, Geography, PSHE
    Topics/keywordsAsylum, Asylum seekers, Borders, Case studies, Development, Economic migration, Identity, Media representation, Millennium development goals, Poverty, Refugees
    Age rangeKS3 (ages 11–14), KS4 (ages 14–16)
    SummaryThis toolkit resource supports the understanding of migration and development issues. Useful for citizenship, geography and PSHE it enables young people to make a difference to global issues through their community. Read more
    DescriptionResource packResource
  • Immigration Nation

    Produced byFolens. Oxford University Press.
    Topics/keywordsBlack migration, Immigration, Jewish migration, Multiculturalism, Racism, South Asian migration
    Age rangeKS3 (ages 11–14)
    SummaryA well regarded Key Stage 3 History Textbook with introductory chapter and then case study chapters that focus on three in-depth studies: Jewish, Black and South Asian immigration into the UK Read more
    DescriptionTextbook. Teacher Guide. Resource
  • Coming to Britain

    Produced byGo Givers - The Citizenship foundation
    SubjectCitizenship, History, PSHE
    Topics/keywordsDiversity, Forced migration, Immigration, Long history of immigration, Multiculturalism
    Age rangeKS2 (ages 7–11), KS3 (ages 11–14)
    Summary* Simple log-in needed for this site to access this resource. This is a 31 slide powerpoint and 5 page accompanying teacher guide focussing on the history and dynamics of immigration in the UK. Read more
    DescriptionPowerpoint lessonResource
  • Romans Revealed

    Produced byRunnymede and Reading University
    Topics/keywordsArchaeology, Diversity, Migration, research, Roman Britain, Stories
    Age rangeKS2 (ages 7–11)
    SummaryA scheme of work about the diversity of Roman Britain looking at themes of diversity, migration and evidence through the stories of four Roman citizens based in different parts of the UK. Read more
    DescriptionWebsite. Resource pack.Resource
  • British Red Cross Migration Lesson

    Produced byBritish Red Cross
    SubjectCitizenship, Form time, Geography
    Topics/keywordsAsylum, Disaster, Humanitarian response, Immigration, Migration
    Age rangeKS2 (ages 7–11), KS3 (ages 11–14), KS4 (ages 14–16)
    SummaryThe story behind the photos in this resource is slowly unfolded, at each stage inviting students to think about and comment on what is or seems to be happening. The combination of a strong narrative and a real life story has proved successful for teachers in many settings. The learning outcomes are deliberately non-specific about the story, to assist teachers who share them with students at the start of the lesson. Read more
    DescriptionPowerpoint. Teacher guide. Resource