Produced by: Inscape Animations

Subject: Citizenship Form time Geography History PSHE RE


Age range: KS2 (ages 7–11) KS5 (ages 16–18) KS3 (ages 11–14)


Beginning with our early migration history, as our ancestors spread across a world where there were no borders, no nations, no ideas about who belongs where, the film moves through our more recent history of displacement. At the end, our shared human story is told by a young man seeking somewhere safe to live. On the way, we see that fear of  migrants has a long history, and that humans form communities where they care for one another, whether these are settled (rooted, like forest trees) or migrant (like birds). Implicit in the film is the understanding that, if we go back far enough, we find we are all actually related. In fact, we are all descended from people from all parts of the world, and we only need to go back 3,400 years to find the common ancestor of everyone alive today.