100 Images of Migration gallery

Cazenove Road, Hackney, 2013

This picture is part of a bigger project, developed in collaboration with Hackney Museum, about Cazenove Road, its community and its surroundings. For me, Cazenove Road sums up the diversity of London: in this one road there is a mosque, a synagogue, a queer bar, a typical charity shop, second-hand shops, an art gallery, the… Read more

DJ Radical Sista, Bradford, 1990

The DJ Radical Sista hosting a ‘day-timer’ in a Bradford nightclub during the heyday of these music events in the 1990s. Day-timers were held in the afternoons for Asian teenagers who were often not allowed out during the evenings. Read more

A child looks on as his elders pray in Hyde Park, August 2014

During a rally to bring attention to the situation in Gaza during Operation Protective Edge in August 2014, Muslim men take time out to pray. The young boy on the left behaves in typical child-like fashion, trying to gain his father’s (I make that assumption) attention and distract him from his prayer. Read more

Linda Cremin, dancer/artist

I was born in Sofia in Bulgaria. I’ve been living in England since I was quite young but I’ve been travelling most of my young childhood life. As a child I travelled all over – my dad’s a Traveller, so we were in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Gaza, Germany and Bulgaria, and always going back to… Read more