100 Images of Migration gallery

British gypsies

British Gypsies are the descendants of Romany migrants who emigrated from Europe to the shores of Britain from the later half of the sixteenth century and for many centuries after. ‘Gypsy’ is a word that is being re-empowered by its true owners globally. It represents a disparate ethnic minority who are bound by blood and… Read more

Hendy’s passport

Hendy’s UK passport is 99 percent like mine. Only his says “British Overseas Citizen” and mine says “British Citizen.” He was entitled to such a passport and he applied for it when he came to the UK from Malaysia. He was told it would enable him to live and work here. As it turns out… Read more

Notting Hill Carnival, 1968

The year 1968 was one of the first years that the Carnival took to the streets and became a large public event. Before that date, it had taken place in halls around Notting Hill. This photo was included in the exhibition Roots to Reckoning and Archive, 2005 Museum of London. Read more