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These records remind me of my teenage years, of good memories and bad ones. I got my first record player from a second hand shop when I was fifteen and used to listen to people like Helen Shapiro, the Beatles, Cliff Richard and Connie Francis. The first record I ever bought was ‘Rock around the… Read more


These are gorgeous, stunning pieces of jewellery that my parents gave me. If I feel lonely I can look at them and remember them. They even help me to remember what my parents felt and smelt like. Return to Keepsakes gallery Read more


In the 1960s my sister and I used to play with these. You have to pick up a stick without moving any of the others. Good for concentration. Mum needed the table so we used to lie on the lino. Return to Keepsakes gallery Read more

Anna Hegarty

Anna holds her Keepsake, a small reindeer model

Anna tells us why she carries her reindeer in her pocket wherever she goes… I first came to Britain in 1957 as an au pair to learn English. I married an Englishman and we went to live in New York. Those were the heady days of the 1960s, full of music and poetry, a whole… Read more