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Planning to teach a lesson or unit on migration, immigration, emigration, multiculturalism or cultural diversity? Looking for good resources to support you? Short on time? Overwhelmed by the amount available out there and reluctant to start from scratch? We are here to help! We have searched widely and selected some of the best resources and useful websites on these themes. Use our simple search boxes to locate the right resource for you and your pupils. Please review any you’ve used and write to our head of learning and partnerships to recommend any others at

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  • British Red Cross Migration Lesson

    Produced byBritish Red Cross
    SubjectCitizenship, Form time, Geography
    Topics/keywordsAsylum, Disaster, Humanitarian response, Immigration, Migration
    Age rangeKS2 (ages 7–11), KS3 (ages 11–14), KS4 (ages 14–16)
    SummaryThe story behind the photos in this resource is slowly unfolded, at each stage inviting students to think about and comment on what is or seems to be happening. The combination of a strong narrative and a real life story has proved successful for teachers in many settings. The learning outcomes are deliberately non-specific about the story, to assist teachers who share them with students at the start of the lesson. Read more
    DescriptionPowerpoint. Teacher guide. Resource
  • Immigration and Racism

    Produced byPeoples' History Museum
    SubjectCitizenship, History
    Topics/keywordsImmigration, Manchester, Migration, North-West, Racism
    Age rangeKS3 (ages 11–14), KS4 (ages 14–16)
    SummaryThis resource pack has been developed to introduce schools to the resources in the Labour History Archive and Study Centre at the People’s History Museum. The resource packs have been developed to link directly to our popular Living History workshops No Bed of Roses – From the Caribbean to Manchester and Moving Stories – Migration & Identity . They can be used to follow up a visit, or can just be downloaded and used on their own. Alongside the facsimiles of original archival documents are some suggested activities for you to do at school. If you have any feedback, queries or suggestions then please contact the learning team on 0161 838 9190 or email Read more
    DescriptionResource packResource
  • We are Britain, Poems by Benjamin Zephania

    Produced byFrances Lincoln Publishers
    SubjectCitizenship, English, Form time, PSHE
    Topics/keywordsChildren, Diversity, Immigration, Stories
    Age rangeKS1 (ages 5–7), KS2 (ages 7–11)
    SummaryA story book with photos and poems about 12 children from diverse cultural backgrounds across the UK. Available to purchase online. Read more
    DescriptionBook by Benjamin Zephaniah. Illustrated by Prodeepta Das. Published by Frances Lincoln Children’s Books, £6.99.Resource
  • Autograph ABP Archive Learning Resource

    Produced byAutograph ABP
    SubjectArt, Citizenship, Design, History
    Topics/keywordsDiversity, Identity, Immigration, Photography, Timeline
    Age rangeKS2 (ages 7–11), KS3 (ages 11–14), KS4 (ages 14–16), KS5 (ages 16–18)
    SummaryA comprehensive resource drawing on images from the ABP Archive with further resources such as a timeline, posters and worksheets to deepen the context for pupils. Please find the link description for our cross-curriucular, Archive Learning Resource Pack for Teachers and pupils in key stages 2-5. Read more
    DescriptionResource packResource
  • Identity and Belonging in a Changing Great Britain

    Produced byFacing History and Ourselves
    SubjectCitizenship, Form time, History, RE
    Topics/keywordsDiversity, Identity, Immigration, Integration, Racism, Religion, Segregation
    Age rangeKS3 (ages 11–14), KS4 (ages 14–16)
    SummaryA useful and thoughtful book with 15 short chapters. Each chapter deals with a different comprehension piece with leading questions for the class. This book needs be ordered from Facing History and Ourselves which you can do at the link provided. Read more
  • Mo Farah Inspiring a Generation

    Produced byGo Givers - The Citizenship foundation
    SubjectCitizenship, Form time, PE
    Topics/keywordsDiversity, London, Olympics, Refugees, Somalia, Sport, War
    Age rangeKS2 (ages 7–11)
    Summary* Simple log-in needed for this site to access this resource. This lesson follows Mo's amazing journey from Somalia to London Olympics 2012. The learning activities give us some insight into the plight of refugees and the secret of sporting success. Read more
    DescriptionPowerpoint. Lesson plan.Resource

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