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The Hindu – Room to Breathe opens at London’s Migration Museum (09/11/2018)

“Room to Breathe is an acutely personal and immersive exhibition, drawing on the stories and objects donated to it by men and women who came to Britain over the years and made it their home. Some have been in Britain for decades while others are recent movers. Their accounts, hidden in cupboards, or on the back of food packets in a mock-up kitchen, tell stories that are diverse, evocative, sometimes poignant, painful and funny.”


The Irish Times – Exhibition at Migration Museum in London tells everyday stories in everyday spaces (02/11/2018)

“This new exhibition examines the private moments of lives in transit, in vignette form. Using seven rooms built in replica as a means to tell these stories – a bedroom, a kitchen, a classroom, a barbershop amongst others – we are invited into intimate spaces offering an immersive experience, where fragments collected from more than 100 volunteers in film, written, audio form impress upon the visitor the joys and the hardships that make up all of our migration experiences… The spaces are warm, not just places of longing and of sadness, but also of happiness, celebrating the joy to be found in the freedom to be yourself, go out dancing, meet kindred spirits half a world away, and maybe even fall in love.”