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Little India – No Turning Back (22/02/2018)

‘As Britain stands poised for momentous change that will affect its relationship with the world, the exhibition explores seven key “migration moments” from British history, to show that this is not the first time that the movement of peoples from one place to another has had a profound effect on the country.’


Londonist – **** for No Turning Back (24/10/2017)

‘It’s a powerful exhibition that tells these eras through human stories, highlighting how Britain has always been a land of immigrants, and yet has always had a history of anti-immigration sentiment. Another great exhibition from this important museum.’


Huffington Post: Seven Migration Moments that Changed Britain (20/09/2017)

Barbara Roche, our chair, writing in the Huffington Post, explains why our No Turning Back exhibition encapsulates what the Migration Museum for Britain that we are creating is all about –  providing a cultural space for exploration of how immigration and emigration across the ages has shaped who we are today as individuals, and as a nation.


The Hindu – Saris, cardigans and the writing on the wall (15/07/2017)

‘What’s often overlooked is the reality of the migrant experience, steeped in ordinariness, and the cultural contributions that different diaspora groups have brought to the U.K. It’s this subject that the first exhibition by the Migration Museum, titled ‘100 Images of Migration’, seeks to show, especially in a post-Brexit country.