100 Images of Migration gallery

Turkish demonstration against arbitrary deportations, Dalston Lane, 1984

Many Turkish people settled in Hackney in the 1970s and 1980s, they worked in the rag trade, catering and grocery shops, often having to put up with awful working and housing conditions. Immigration officials and the police would raid these sweatshops, detain those who had overstayed their visas and then seek to deport them. Local… Read more

No man’s land – Colnbrook Immigration Detention Centre, 2011

Since it opened in 2004 more than 40,000 detainees have passed through Colnbrook Immigration Removal Centre. The centre, built as a Class B prison, currently holds over 380 detainees, many of whom are held for extended periods of time, sometimes for even five years or longer. None of the detainees are in the centre to… Read more