Calling all Lewisham artists and designers: Design our ‘Migrant Makers Market’

We have an opportunity for Lewisham artists and designers to design our ‘Migrant Makers Market’ in 2022.

The ‘Migrant Makers Market’ will be a cause-led concept store and makerspace launching in the heart of Lewisham Shopping Centre, solely selling products from migrant-owned businesses and creators from food through to fashion. 

To accompany our 2022 exhibition – to be announced early next year – we are creating a concept store to champion migrant owned businesses, tell the stories of the people who are making them, and showcase the great diversity and creativity of migrant entrepreneurs. 

Working with emerging artists and makers is at the heart of what we do – we previously embedded an artist studio with a rotating roster of migrant artists into an exhibition – and the concept store will also be a living makerspace where entrepreneurs can lead demonstrations and workshops for our audiences. 

We’re looking for a Lewisham based artist to design this cause-led concept store. Download the brief for more information. 

How to apply 

Send us an initial concept proposal of no more than 3 pages including words and images, outlining your overall design idea and why it meets the brief. You may also attach a portfolio or examples of your work. Send your proposal to 

Please ensure you have downloaded and read the brief before submitting your proposal.


Send your proposal to by 9am Monday 24th January 2022.