Migration Museum campaign highlights diversity of England World Cup team

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The Migration Museum highlighted the diversity of the England team in a campaign to coincide with England’s first World Cup game against Tunisia on 18 June 2018 asking what the starting XI would look like without the impact of first and second-generation immigrants.

In partnership with Wonderhood Studios and Clear Channel, the Migration Museum released a five-man team sheet in digital out-of-home and on social media in response to the team announcement before kick-off, championing immigration as a powerful force for good at a moment when all eyes were on the England national team.

“The diverse nature of England’s World Cup team highlights the contribution of migrants in making us who we are today. In fact, if you trace back the family histories of every member of tonight’s team, you would almost certainly find a migration story – whether of immigration, emigration, or both,” said Sophie Henderson, director of the Migration Museum.

“But migration has shaped far more than just tonight’s starting line-up. That’s why we are creating an inspiring national museum that puts Britain’s important migration story at the forefront of our national consciousness – where it belongs.”

“Clear Channel is delighted to be able to support this outstanding creative work for The Migration Museum and demonstrate the immediacy, impact and flexibility of digital out of home,” said William Eccleshare, Chairman and CEO of Clear Channel International.

Migration Museum World Cup Press Release 180618

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