100 Images of Migration gallery

Ching Hook in fighting attitude

Photograph of Ching Hook in fighting attitude. One of three photographs of boxers registered in April 1888 by East End photographer Harry Carpenter (1860–1906). Read more

Vyshyvanka Day, 2014, London

British-based Ukrainians march and rally for peace in central London on National Vyshyvanka Day. Dressed in Vyshyvanka – the traditional Ukrainian ethnic embroidered dress, which includes floral head wreaths – the marchers demonstrate adherence to the idea of national identity, unity and patriotism. Read more

The Corkmen’s Association marching in the St Patrick’s Day Parade

A number of county associations took part in the annual St Patrick’s Day march through Whitehall, and it was an established feature of London Irish life throughout the 1950s and ’60s. This image of the Corkmen’s Association was taken by Paddy Fahey, a newspaper photographer and himself an immigrant from Ireland, who frequently attended and… Read more