RE·THINK Migration with us at the National Maritime Museum

Colour photograph showing woman and two young boys sitting on a bench on the deck of a P&O ship, a lifeboat in view behind them. The woman wears a long tartan skirt, navy top and patterned scarf and looks directly into the camera. The two boys are dressed in shorts, blazers and long grey socks. The boy to her right is looking up from his book and the boy to her left is peeking up too, either shyly or squinting in the sunlight.

RE·THINK Migration at the National Maritime Museum is now open! The space will grow in content over its 5 months as we engage with visitors, schools and community groups. Fri 05 June – mid-November 2015⎪10am – 5pm daily National Maritime Museum, Greenwich⎪RE·THINK, Floor One⎪Free admission RE·THINK at the National Maritime Museum offers visitors the space to… Read more