What did you think about the exhibition, 100 images of migration? Some quotes from Hackney…

Posted: February 6th, 2014

Thank you for the sharing! Thank you for your support as it is what gives sense to the exhibition and to the Migration Museum Project!

‘As an immigrant myself from Nigeria, some of the stories and pictures really hit home. It would help migrant communities and indeed the host state to have such an exhibition on a regular basis for everyone to learn and understand we are all the same.’

‘I saw this exhibition in the Guardian – what important work museums like you do, especially in places like Hackney. It’s so important our children know where they come from.’

‘I saw this exhibition on the ITV news. I was born in Hackney but come from a dual heritage family that all experienced migration. I wanted to come because I felt it was important for me to try to get an understanding of the strength and unity my parents went through to make me a British citizen.’

‘Saw the exhibition on the TV. Really glad I came. I’ll be telling everyone I know to come along.’

‘We saw this exhibition in the Guardian and as our son is now living in Hackney decided to visit and were most impressed at the cultural diversity and stories of the immigrants. An excellent presentation.’

‘What seems to be missing from the subject matter is the issue of work – rather an important, maybe central activity for minorities. No factories, no markets, no workshops, no sweat shops. Is this due to lack of material or due to the selector’s unconscious bias.  Otherwise quite a gripping experience.’

‘This exhibition is very powerful and I feel it helps demonstrate the complex society we live in. I hope many more people come and visit so they can see a different England to the one they know. Coming from a family of immigrants I think this exhibition is very profound and exciting.’

‘This exhibition made me love calling Hackney my home even more. It also made me angry, frustrated and ashamed at how my country has treated newcomers to our shores at times. Long may migrants be welcome in the UK for however long they wish to stay; it makes this a richer place.’

‘Absolutely loved it! Reminded me of the story of live and death exhibition at the British Museum. This is both personal and political and beautiful. Keep it up!’

‘Beautiful exhibition. Showing so many sides to the stories of beginning and hoping and succeeding at building a new life while remembering the past. Loved it!’

‘I am so proud and grateful to be from a place so rich and diverse in cultural makeup. Without immigrants Hackney would not be a fraction of the place it is today and neither would I.’

‘Fantastic exhibition –the small space you have created continues to provide the community with not only inspiring, enlightening but relevant exhibitions. Thank you.’

‘Travelled all the way from Derby and it was worth it. We liked the way it focussed on different communities.’

‘Excellent insight into everyday lives that are so special and varying. Wonderfully displayed, thank you.’

‘Amazing photographs, amazing words, amazing stories. Thank you.’

‘My grandparents one side come from Russia and the other from Poland. It’s good to know that our history makes up the colourful country we live in.’

‘Not all racists are white – anyone can be a racist or bigot. Please try to get more balance.’

‘People should make it a priority to attend this exhibition.’

‘Wonderful exhibition. It made me laugh and cry. Be great if it could tour the country.’

‘It really captures the variety and culture seeing the story behind the picture. Continue the awesome work!’

‘What a wonderful exhibition. It makes me proud to be an immigrant in the UK.’

‘What a wonderful inspiring exhibition. How did we come from this to the hateful anti migrant stuff we hear from the powers that be?’

‘Maurice’s story is very important. It speaks of one of the many examples where colonialism has created problems.’

‘One of the best exhibitions I have ever been to. As a second generation Caribbean person born and raised in Hackney, I have heard many stories from my parents about the struggles immigrants faced. Seeing the artefacts and pictures not just of the Caribbean migrant experiences but of migrants from all over the glove and over the centuries I can see that there is a thread of courage, survival and pride . . . . it brought tears of sorrow and joy to my eyes.’

‘I found out about La Sallette, a Dominican organisation, featured in Ton Smith’s 1987 Bradford photograph. Being of Dominican extraction it is a pity that I had not heard about them before. Educational as well as moving.’

‘Very moving and thought provoking exhibition. Took me back to 1963 when my own family arrived here from Cyprus, when a civil war between Turkish and Greek Cypriots was ongoing. It is still unresolved with the island divided by the ‘Green Line’ since 1974.  In the style of Maurice I say ‘I’m Cypriot, I’m Turkish, I’m British, I’m Hackney, I’m a human being, I’m a woman!’ ‘

‘Inspiring – I am a migrant myself and found the pictures tell my story of settling in London as I experienced it from when I came here until now. Very multi-layered approach and great story telling. I only wonder whether this display would be more beneficial in another venue.  Its great to have it here but we in Hackney kind of know what migration is about. I think this topic deserves a bigger audience because it tells the stories so well.’

‘Thank you! What a fabulous, exciting, rich project. Good luck! Just one request. Jewish people are mainly depicted by the Holocaust or the very religious. But we are so much more varied than that.’

‘Goose bumps all over my body. Thank you for this amazing exhibition, Being an immigrant myself I could relate and see myself in many of the photos.’

‘Moved to Hackney when I was three from Guernsey. Lovely picture of Guernsey immigrants for WW2.’

‘I believe the Henry Malaysian life story of being a non citizen is far far too common. Being born somewhere is not a crime.’

‘London should be proud to receive so many different races, faiths and nationalities.’

‘There is only one race : the human race.’

‘Here in London is home. I feel at home in Hackney. People say Hackney is dangerous but I have survived 13 years here. Hackney is a place of love.’

‘This Museum has been an inspiration to me because it teaches me things I never knew and would never have known. Thank you.’

‘I am deeply moved by such an outstanding exhibition. It captures the richness of our communities, our struggles against injustice, our defiance in the face of horror and the beauty and nobility of the human spirit.  I have lived in East London all my life and have been very proud of our diversity. It has educated, enlightened and enriched me.  I am really humbled at some of the great triumphs of humanity represented in some of these stories. I look forward to the larger project. This is exactly the sort of exhibition we need at these difficult times, as immigration controls become more barbaric, as human rights are breached in detention centres, as people face daily discrimination and insecurity from the welfare state, from being savagely attacked and as Britain is still making war abroad.’

‘This is a fantastic exhibition which manages to be both deeply moving and extremely positive about migration. Much needed in this newly racist Tory anti-immigration climate. Absolutely wonderful.’

‘By walking round this show I am wonderfully reminded where I have been and truly how far we have come. We still have a way to go but shows like this prove we can make it. If we can just put our differences aside and share the music and the laughter a better world we cannot fail to make.’

‘It’s nice to be included.’

‘This is a good start but a long way to go before you can be representative of the migration experience experienced by the millions that have come and gone from these shores over the centuries. Where are the Bengalis? I hope to see them represented in the next phase.’

‘I would have preferred a neutral, historical voice rather than the very personal perspective given.’

‘This should be shown in less multicultural parts of Britain.’


‘There is and has been plenty of hostility to immigrants and immigration, so something like this would be a humanising education to many. But if you think that difference makes you better than another, then you won’t ‘get it’. That goes for everybody.’

100 images of migration on tour!

Posted: February 6th, 2014

100 images of migration senate houseOur exhibition, 100 images of migration is on tour. After being hosted at Hackney Museum and Senate House of the University of London, it is now up at Freedom From Torture’s centre near Finsbury Park. You can view it there by appointment, just call  02076977777.

Later this year the exhibition will head up from London to Leicester University Museums Studies department. We are delighted to be working with the great team there to further develop the exhibition in innovative ways. Watch this space for more information!

On an ongoing basis we are offering the images from the exhibition to interested venues. Our aim is for it to migrate. Each venue selects the images that are most resonant for it and supplements them if it chooses, to give the exhibition a local flavour and local stories.

If you are interested in putting on this exhibition, please contact the project director, Sophie Henderson, or the project manager, Andrew Steeds.

Welcome to Bushra Nasir, Chair of the Education committee

Posted: February 6th, 2014

Bushra Nasir, recently retired renowned Plashet School head teacher, has agreed to take on chairing our education committee. As well as an impressive track record as head teacher, Bushra is also committed to Queen Mary’s University, Mosaic and has served on the General Teaching Council as well as other education responsibilities.

We are delighted to have Bushra on board and look forward to working closely with her. She chaired the first meeting of the education committee in January 2014.

Media coverage of our exhibition 100 images of migration

Posted: July 2nd, 2013

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