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France 2 TV – Après New York et Paris, Londres ouvre enfin son “musée des migrations” (19/05/2017)

Londres, capitale cosmopolite. Pourtant, le projet de “musée des migrations” se cherchait un toit depuis trois ans. Il vient d’investir les murs d’une ancienne caserne de pompiers, dans l’attente d’un emplacement définitif. Les migrations, un thème omniprésent dans l’espace public, que ce nouveau lieu culturel souhaite mettre en perspective, en retraçant l’histoire des immigrés et émigrés qui ont façonné la Grande-Bretagne.


New Statesman – The Great Escape (19/06/2016)

‘A new exhibition on the quiet resilience of the people stuck in that Anglo-French limbo – Call Me By My Name, which recently opened at the Londonewcastle Project Space in Shoreditch, east London – highlights again the way in which inflammatory abstractions (“Immigration chaos!”; “Take back control!”) can trounce ordinary human responses.’


Quartz – The cartography of control: Mapping the Calais refugee camp (17/06/2016)

‘Images of people living in make-shift shelters, mud and squalor, have exposed the world to the living conditions in Calais’s refugee camp, known as “the Jungle”. But despite intense media coverage over the past year, it can be hard for outsiders to gain a true perspective on life in the camp, which has become a town in its own right.

For this reason, architect Shahed Saleem embarked on a project to map the Jungle… The finished work is being shown in London, as part of a wider exhibition by the Migration Museum Project on the refugee crisis in Europe running through June 22.’