Migration Museum Film Club

We are launching a new Migration Museum Film Club at the Migration Museum at The Workshop, showcasing films that shed light on different aspects of Britain’s migration story. Read more

No Turning Back education resources

From 2o September 2017, we are hosting our new exhibition No Turning Back: Seven Migration Moments That Changed Britain, which focuses on seven pivotal moments when migration shaped the history of Britain. We are coordinating a range of workshops and self-directed activities for school trips to the exhibition. Below you will find KS3 and KS4 resources co-designed with teachers for before… Read more

The Partition Museum opens in Amritsar, Thursday 17 August

“The Partition Museum is the world’s first memorial to the Partition of the subcontinent, opening 70 years on from the traumatic creation of independent India and Pakistan. In one of the greatest migrations in human history, 18 million people moved, amid escalating chaos and violence, to either side of a hastily demarcated border. This is a memorial… Read more