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Martina Spetlova, fashion designer

© Jenny Matthews, Hackney All Nations

I came here to learn English. I was going to go back in a couple of years but I never did. I did some travelling, I lived in Japan for a year, I was here for about five years when I thought I’ve got a degree in chemistry, and here I was working in bars and pubs and thought this is not something I want to carry on doing. I was interested in textiles but I never really thought that was something I could do for a living. In the Czech Republic when you study art it’s more like a hobby than a profession. I applied to Central St Martins for a fashion print course.
Home is here. I have lots of friends, I work here, I have my husband so have my family. I feel I’ve been living here for so long that my life is here rather than back home. When I go back to Czech I see family – just a few close friends, but I don’t really get to meet new people. It would be nice to have like a summerhouse there but having family I can do that anyway, I don’t think I’d want to live there, maybe I’ll change my mind.