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Welcome to the exhibitions and publications section of the Migration Museum Project

We aim to produce lively, dynamic exhibitions in partnership with others. Please get in touch if you would like to work with us to host one of our exhibitions, or to develop something new.

  • What if a picture could tell a story? Second and Third Generation Migrants.

    What if a picture could tell a story? This short film by Lola Gazounaud explores stories of second and third generation migrants. Read more

  • Lily Ebert

    Lily Ebert tells the incredible story of her small gold pendant, a photograph of which features in our 100 Images of Migration exhibition. Read more

  • Lord Moser on Migration

    Lord Moser, a Distinguished Friend of the Migration Museum Project, shares his thoughts on the value of migration. Read more

  • Joanna Lumley backs MMP

    Joanna Lumley is a Distinguished Friend of the Migration Museum Project and joined Neil MacGregor (Director of the British Museum) in opening our second touring exhibition, Germans in Britain, at the German Historical Institute in Bloomsbury on 6th October 2014, where she delivered this rousing speech. Read more

  • Great Minds: Berlin to Britain

    Photograph of Lord Moser speaking with Carl Miller and Susie Harries also on stage listening.

    On 22nd October 2014, Lord Moser and playwright Carl Miller joined writer Susie Harries in conversation at the Goethe Institut London for a Migration Museum Project Great Minds event in partnership with CARA. Read more

  • Robert Tombs on English migration history

    On 18 November 2015, Robert Tombs delivered our second Annual Lecture in partnership with the London School of Economics and Political Sciences. Listen to the audio podcast. Read more

  • Michael Rosen on The Languages of Migration

    Michael Rosen speaking in a thoughtful pose, gesturing with one hand, holding his notes in the other

    Audio podcast and transcript of Michael Rosen’s The Languages of Migration talk for the Migration Museum Project – London School of Economics inaugural annual Public Lecture. Read more

  • Migration in the Digital Age audio

    Immigration used to involve packing an entire life into a suitcase and moving to a new country for good. Now, with modern communications and transport, it is far more fluid and dynamic. Modern migrants need not lose contact with their old homes; they can keep old ties refreshed; and families can span the globe. Children… Read more

  • Migrants and Medicine audio

    Great Minds is a new series looking at how people from migrant backgrounds have contributed to life in the UK in different fields Read more

  • DNA and Migration audio

    There’s been a huge explosion of interest in genetic genealogy and personal DNA testing. But how much do we know about Read more