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Nowhere to Go but Anywhere – a solo exhibition by Tribambuka


Mar 22, 2024 - May 25, 2024


Migration Museum,
Migration Museum, Lewisham Shopping Centre,
London SE13 7HB


22 March 2024 – 25 May 2024
Migration Museum
Lewisham Shopping Centre
London SE13 7HB
Thurs – Sat, 11am – 5.30pm
Free admission – no booking

Nowhere to Go but Anywhere is a new multimedia solo exhibition by multidisciplinary artist Tribambuka that invites audiences to delve into the many layers of what “home” means.

Step into an immersive multimedia installation showcasing an experimental video projection based on Tribambuka’s sketchbooks, drawings and archival materials, accompanied by a soundscape composed by J.C. Wright that weaves together multilingual voices from diverse London communities, exploring their interpretations of ‘home’.

The exhibition also includes large-scale mixed media pieces and works on paper, an artist book; and a participatory piece inviting visitors to share their thoughts about home.

“Nowhere to Go but Anywhere explores the feeling of being a stranger everywhere you go. You leave home and you change, and when you go back, everything’s different. But you’re not completely a part of your new home either. How do we find the sense of home? How do we reinvent our identity?
Who are we when our world falls apart?

“I’d love to think of Home in a wider, human sense. Home as an archetypal symbol, abode, refuge, womb, safe space, but also a confinement,  something that we have to leave behind at some point, and look for it all our lives, till we maybe become a home to someone else, or ourselves.” – Tribambuka


Performance: Kirill Burlov
Video: Umberto Rozzo

About Tribambuka
Tribambuka (aka Anastasia Beltyukova) is a London-based multidisciplinary artist, award-winning illustrator and animation director working predominantly in painting, printmaking and large-scale installations. Her practice is mainly concerned with the themes of shifting identity, home and belonging, with a strong participatory element and often involving audience interaction in the creation of the work. As a British artist with Russian roots, she takes a critical approach to the complexities of her heritage through a contemporary feminist lens.

Nowhere to Go but Anywhere is Tribambuka’s latest collaboration with the Migration Museum. Previous collaborations have included an award-winning animation accompanying the museum’s 2020 digital exhibition Heart of the Nation: Migration and the Making of the NHS, with a voiceover by the former children’s laureate Michael Rosen; and animated videos for interactive elements of the Migration Museum’s 2022/3 exhibition Taking Care of Business.

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An introduction to the exhibition by Tribambuka

Video by London-based start-up PipLens
Videography: AJ Hira


Artist: Tribambuka
Curator: Aditi Anand
Art assistant: Alberto Fossati

Composer: J. C. Wright
Sound design: J. C. Wright, Marcus Locock
Recording engineer: Marcus Locock
Projection mapping: Max Burstyn
Photos, footage and audio courtesy:
Artist’s family archives
Alberto Baos Fossati
Nataliia Beltyukova Loribo
‘The Human Face of Russia’, 1984 documentary, National Film and Sound Archive of Australia
‘Sounds of India’ by Vladislav Lyaschouk
Alberto Baos Fossati
Nataliia Beltyukova Loribo
Vladislav Lyaschouk
Tima Jam
Anna Andronova
Mikaela Calypso Dragon
Stanisla Rachkovskaya
Alexandra Mazur-Knyazeva
Victoria Egorenkova
Mahsa Karimi
Majid Hojati
Nasser Teymourpour
Azeri Aghayeva
Afshin Naghouni
Sonja Teszler
Jayshree Viswanathan
Tomaso Ascoli
Federico Casu
Francesco Nicolini
Lorella Bianco
Monique Humphreys
Christiana Hadjipapa
Fausto Borioli
Krisnatàgoras Araùjo
Fai West
Kiara Gourlay
Stephie Ronget Devred
Yvona Nov
Eva del Rio Tortosa