New MMP scheme of work for schools

This scheme of work is created by the Migration Museum Project education team and teachers. It covers 6 main migration ‘moments’ in British history. Start the unit by exploring how the themes connect with your pupils before working through the 6 lessons, ending with a lesson reflecting on migration and the EU.

Download the lesson powerpoint and supporting worksheets and activities below.

We welcome your feedback on these resources!

Lesson 1 – Introduction

Lesson 1 worksheet

Lesson 2 – Roman Britain

Lesson 3 – Huguenots

Lesson 3 worksheet

Lesson 4 – Jewish migration

Lesson 4 worksheet

Lesson 5 – Irish migration

Lesson 5 worksheet 1

Lesson 5 worksheet 2

Lesson 6 – Windrush

Lesson 7 – EU migration

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