Hackney Museum

Hackney Museum is home to our first exhibition – 100 images of Migration – from 11th June to 31st August 2013. This exhibition has been expertly curated by Sue McAlpine, and incorporates a special Hackney flavour with several images representing migration to Hackney. We are growing our collection of images on Flickr, and plan to tour the exhibition in future.

Royal Geographical Society

The Royal Geographical Society, in collaboration with Afghan, East African, Chinese and Punjabi communities, has developed a fantastic series of exhibitions and education resources – now available online here – called “Crossing Continents: Connecting Communities” which have considerable relevance to migration to and from the UK.

Drawing on the Royal Geographical Society’s archive of images, maps and documents “Kabul to Kandahar” focusses in part on 19th Century Anglo-Afghan relations, “Bombay Africans” covers the movement of people both ways between British India and Africa and the role of David Livingstone, “Seeing China” reinterprets the Society’s Chinese documentation from the personal perspective of London’s Chinese community, and “Punjab: Moving Journeys” covers relevant material from the perspective of British Punjabi communities.

A booklet accompanying the series of exhibitions is available here

The Royal Geographical Society’s collection is open to the public and the Society’s Foyle Reading Room is open 10.00 – 17.00 Monday – Friday.

Science and Society Picture Library

The Science and Society Picture Library has made available a special selection of their images that reflect migration to, from and even within the UK here.

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